When major engine repair is necessary and machine uptime is critical, new John Deere replacement engines offer:

  • Minimum downtime
  • Latest engine technology
  • Better resale
  • One-year unlimited hours or two year 2,000 hours warranty - extended coverage optional

It doesn't have to be John Deere equipment to be powered by a John Deere engine
John Deere POWERTECH engines have developed a strong following for their reliable performance in many brands of construction equipment. When you buy your next machine, take a look at Deere engine power. Models are available up to 600 hp (448 kW).

Thousands of Machines---One Engine
John Deere engines are currently used by more than 700 equipment manufacturers around the world. That adds up to thousands of uses in construction and forestry equipment generator sets, portable compressors, fork lifts, irrigation, marine, and many other equipment applications. To learn more about the complete line of John Deere industrial engines and how they can add value to your products, contact engines, inc.

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